How is works

Pop ​is a powerful and cohesive program ​which provides help to many people and organizations, ​in everyday life. ​What ​if I told you that there is a way that people can join hands and help the economy, good causes, medical research and nonprofit
Organizations in their communities? Together, ​we can make a big difference in the communities where we live and work.

Let's break down the different ​ways we ​to explain how we raise funds for organizations and nonprofits. ​Power of people has 5 different ways it helps raise funds for organization and nonprofits​.

Digital Marketing Training

Working as a team

Within the Organizations that PoP are helping. We will invite families to pay a small fee for the classes. A percentage of the ​these ​proceeds go to the organization.​ The volunteers within the Organization do not ​pay for the training because​ they are helping with the digital marketing. The courses will include photography, video production, web
development, social media marketing.

Event Marketing

Effective marketing

Pop will create and market an event for the organization. During the event, guests ​ will ​have an opportunity ​to have their photos​ taken. They will​ be given contact ​information​ ​and ​invited ​to view their photographs within the organization's photo gallery on the Pop business directory.​

we also help both the organizations and businesses with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Business Directory

Keeping it local!

The directory is loaded with many marketing tools such as promoting events, coupons and​ marketing campaigning for the galleries and much much more.

The organization's PoP ​are ​assisting​ pay nothing to be listed in the business directory. We have your nonprofit reach out to local businesses that will pay for the listing. 50% of the proceeds will go to the nonprofit organization. Why should businesses get listed in the pop directory? It's difficult for people to support local businesses when the large majority of them are home-based without signage in the non-business district locations.
Unless the company​'s​ name is known​, good luck finding them on Google. How do people find the business directory? With the efforts of people from many organizations, the event marketing that were training them on how to do, will drive many people to find their photographs. In the past, at large events, we have handed out 1000 cards to 1000 groups of friends and family that we photographed. Within two weeks time of the
event, we tracked 5000 different computers visiting the website to find their photographs. We also ​discovered 5000 unique visits. Visitors spend a lot more time clicking around the business directory. So not only do we help the local organizations, we help local businesses grow. Pop the power of people!

To learn more about our SEO/ PowerListings service, please play the video at the bottom of this page.

Heirloom Archives

Keeping the memories alive

This fundraising provides organizations an opportunity to invite people within the organization to have their family portraits done along  with ​creating a video documentary of their​ families's history,by reminiscing about their family lives with the elder member of the family. The photos and videos will be very affordable and a great way to raise funds for the organization while bringing people together.


One of Bootstrap 4's big points

A networking opportunity for nonprofit organizations in many other good causes such as schools, ​churches, medical research​, homeless programs and so on. This is a​ great opportunity for businesses to share ideas, network and spread the good word about how pop can help other organizations.

Awareness Campaigns

knowledge is power

Pop's sixth element it's for organizations that help people with their lives. Whether through funds, items needed or for medical needs. PoP would offer Family portraits and interview to the recipient about how the organization helped them in their life. The media produced​ would be added to the organizations section of the PoP directory. Pop would ​then help the organization receive grants to pay for the production or ​if desired, ​people trained by PoP can produce the media. Large funds can be raised for the organization by going after sponsorship. The sponsors would receive ​recognition.

We can drimaticly help buisinesses get found on line with the power house SEO support of PowerListings