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Power of People

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Making a differance in people's lives, one person at a time!

About PoP

Power of People

Power of People (PoP) is a program designed to help raise funds for organizations using many media facets. The need... organizations are putting a lot of effort into raising funds with little results. Rather than wash cars and sell candy bars year after year, with our media program, we facilitate ways to raise residual revenue that grows year after year. We train volunteers within your own organization. These volunteers choose an ability they would enjoy. Media is a very powerful marketing tool within today's digital marketing. It's a must! The challenge businesses and organizations face using media for digital marketing, is the time needed to do it correctly and the expense. With power of people (PoP), things get done! Contact us today to train your organization, for a successful digital marketing campaign that generates residual income. Our lesson plans include: photography, video production, web development, branding, marketing and creative writing. Discover more by viewing the video below.

The need

This short video will explain how we can help great organizations!

John explains more...

This overview videos explains more about all the ways we are using media to help make a difference.

Digital Marketing Training

Working as a team

Media training for organizations to raise funds while producing marketing media, and how to use the media effectively!

Event Marketing

Effective marketing

Many group photos are taken at large gatherings, driving heavy traffic to the host's web presence. We aid in coordinating the events.

Business Directory

Keeping it local!

Businesses raise funds for a good cause, get found and have many marketing tools to use, built into their listing.

Heirloom Archives

Keeping the memories alive

An organization will host a fundraising event. Guest are interviewed on video to preserve precious memories. Portraits are offered as well.


People helping people

Organizations are invited to network and share what's been effective and share new discoveries. This is our way of doing our part, in strengthening organizations.

Awareness Campaigns

knowledge is power

Video interviews of people's success stories, as a direct result of good deeds provided by organization's. The videos drive traffic to  the organizations web presence. The video and banners are a great way to get sponsored funds.


Call or text Shawn Mills  (instructor) at 508-679-1677